Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Women led Mosque Project

1Is this a women only Mosque?
No, this Mosque will be open to everyone.
2Have approaches been made to local mosques and requests made for inclusivity?
Yes, approaches have been made to Mosques over a number of years.
3Will there be any men on your management committee?
The Mosque will be managed by women. Men and Imams will be invited to join advisory groups and lead prayers.
4Will there be a female Imam?
Any mixed congregational Salaah will be lead by a male Imam
5What denomination will this Mosque serve?
This will primarily be a Sunni Mosque With open access to everyone
6What will the Mosque be called?
This will decided by the public
7Where will the Mosque be located?
Within close proximity to the City centre, a number of sites are being explored
Do you have any other questions?

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