Ways to Donate

“Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Types of Donation

We accept the following types of donation


Sadaqah is any amount of money donated for the pleasure of Allah swt and intended for the poor. However the term Sadaqah also applies to money donated for any noble cause, as well.


Lillah simply any goodness given or done with the intent to please Allah swt


Waqf, or ‘endowment’, is a long-standing Islamic tradition. It refers to the dedication of some valuable goods – land, a building, or even money – such that it no longer belongs to anybody, and cannot be bought or sold. The profits which are then generated from this endowment are given away as charity.


Qarz-e-Hasna or ‘Beautiful Loan to Allah’ connotes spending in order to help & assist the needy. Whatever we spend, and in whatever shape we spend, with devotion & sincerity to please Allah, has been promised to be returned, here or in hereafter, multiplied with many folds.
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Donation Target

Stage 1


Land Purchase

Raise funds to purchase land

Estimated cost for land purchase is £500,000

We are looking at a city centre location in Bradford

There are many ways you can donate, Choose one of these options to donate

Bank Transfer

You can make a donation in person at the bank or by doing an online transfer.

BankYorkshire Bank
Account Number18182989
Sort Code05 09 04
Account NameMuslim Womens Council Account 2
To donate regularly: Download Standing Order Form

Pay by Cheque

You can use cheques, postal orders to donate to us by post. Please make your cheques payable to ‘Muslim Women's Council’.

To send in your donation by post, send your cheque to:

Muslim Women's Council

Carlisle Business Centre

Carlisle Road

Bradford BD8 8BD